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View original poems by Richard Doyle, available in 8 X 10 in. classy frames with glass front, on specially designed cream paper with tan & white daisies.


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In memory of Jim King

One More Day ©

(See the video at the end of the poem)

As the sun was setting
what would you say
If the rest of your life was just one day?
Would you wish for things in a material way,
Reach out to friends, or quietly pray?

Having it all seemed the only way,
but I'd give it all up for just one day.
That one last chance so I might see
The special gifts that made me "Me".

Like a toddler's hug, or my lover's hands,
The unmistakable sound of grade school bands.
My mother's perfume, my father's style,
Grandma's kitchen and grandpa's smile.

The gift of charity, the feel of pain,
The silence of dawn, the summer rain.
Family gatherings, or private tears.
A son's good humor, a daughter's soft hair.

A dog's wet nose, the miracle of a seed.
The compassion of others in moments of need.
The roar of laughter, the hush of a crowd.
An honest day's work, and feeling so proud.

Toasting fond memories, and learning to forget
The heartaches endured, and all the regrets.
Finding my passion, and one true love.
Finding forgiveness, and the Lord above.

So much I discovered as I traveled life's way.
What I wouldn't give for just one day.




CLICK HERE For Video of "One More Day" by Christy Hagenbaugh, photographs by Matt Platz


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Church On The Green ©

Tranquil and majestic her shadow is seen
Silently cast across the village green.

For years she has witnessed families at play,
Picnics and gatherings on hot summer days.

Generations of members supported her walls
As loyal church patrons answering His calls.

A thriving community she's guided through years
Of wars and depressions, she's comforted fears.

Her doors were opened as the hungry were fed.
She quietly consoled as tears have been shed

She has bid farewell from God's green Earth,
And welcomed new life upon each child's birth.

She'll continue to thrive, and her legacy will live
As long as there are those willing to give.

Tranquil and majestic her shadow is seen.
God bless the church on the village green.

- Richard Doyle -


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Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock

Bathtub Piranha ©

Stealth amid the calm reflected pool he anxiously awaits.

His prey approaches sheathed in satin and musk.

Gingerly she tests the water with polished toes, as
Circular ripples announce her arrival.

Seemingly indifferent to the seething appetite that awaits her,
Her mischievous laughter accompanies her tottering submersion.

Pillowed amongst the clouds of suds she grins,
Neck feathered by auburn strands from a loosely braided bun.

Beads of condensation contour her face, as she
Wisps cumulous bubbles playfully from her hand.

Toying with her predator through the sultry steam,
Her eyes and smile transform to a ravenous hunger.

Roles are reversed; painted toes become her lance,
Not to defend, but to lure as if calling him into her snare.

His hunger turns to frolic, unabated bliss.

Water is displaced, as gentle waves transform into turbulent tides.

The Freshwater Piranha begins devouring his prey,
One succulent toe at a time.

- Richard Doyle -



Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock


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Perfect Dawn ©

The perfect dawn transpired from dusk
Feathered in laughter, candor and musk

A nervous encounter that quickly transformed
From trembling hands to a passionate storm

Our eyes couldn't hide what our hearts would see
As a spiritual gathering of 'meant to be's'

An absolute blend of woman and man
Seemingly drawn as destiny's plan

Yet still there's the question of 'Is it for real?'
For never before have we felt what we feel

We can only trust where our hearts might lead
Praying our emotions may forever be freed

Enormous obstacles together we'll shun
As our two kindred spirits mesh into one

For our hearts are aligned amid a comforting calm
A perfect love is at its perfect dawn.

- Richard Doyle -


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock


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The Answer

Shower your wisdom among paupers
It's not where I'm longing to be
As I aimlessly wander the meadows
In search of serenity.
My silence is often questioned
As my intellect starts to wander
Through the valleys of life's riddles
Amid mountains of selfish squander.
I long for something greater.
The illusive cure for confused.
As I joust with universal questions.
 Perhaps my illusionary muse.
The answers flavor my lips
 Like a rightly aged Chardonnay.
 More likely a fool's self-indulgence.
 God's humor for the day.
For He is the only sentry
Holding keys to my inner doubts
And despite my selfish angst
Stays veiled in a perpetual shroud.
So I'm called to trust His wisdom,
And go peacefully dance in the fields.
For once I stop seeking the answers,
His answers just might be revealed.


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
Two weeks



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