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View original poems by Richard Doyle, available in 8 X 10 in. classy frames with glass front, on specially designed cream paper with tan & white daisies.


True Friend

I gave of me, yet it wasn't returned

I offered my hand, to which it got burned

 I sacrificed myself, but soon shunned aside

 I offered my truths, to my face they all lied

 I gifted my secrets, to others they'd tell

 My heart now a fortress; my surface a shell

 Yet despite all the others, I'm blessed in the end

 For God took my hand when He made you my friend.





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Blanket of Gold

A Dandelion seed makes its home

 Wherever the wind deems it to roam

 For when it lands, and where it grows old

 It's legacy will be a blanket of gold





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Lost Friend

Shattered remains are concealed within

 A fragile existence behind camoflauged grins

 Distant stares from deadening eyes

 Fails in vain to conceal the lies

 To me a disguise, yet others can see

 That I lost a friend, and that friend is me.





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Is not some arbitrary score.

Did I give it my all

Or could I've done more?

For the greatest of victories

Is not measured in feet,

But in facing the battles

Not cowering in retreat.

When the game's end tolls

the scoreboard will say,

If I gave it my best,

It's a victorious day.





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I release myself. I want no more

Turbulent waters eroding my shore

I'll drift from bad, and focus on good.

Forgive all others, and do as I should


I'll give for giving, anonymous is best.

Count my blessings, and long for less.

I'll pause for nature, and free my mind,

And never forget the gift of time.


I'll share my talents answering Your call

Give to others if ever they fall.

Carry a torch to illuminate Your light

Never surrender the fight of good fights.


Though not deserving I beg for your grace

In helping my soul to finish this race.

Like the hand You laid upon the restless seas

Calm these waters, and grant me Thy peace.



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