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Original Quotes By Richard Doyle ©


Wherever you roam, remember your home,
For her memory will ensure you're never alone.

Storied Wines

Stories are like good wines: when you consume one from a great year, the bouquet is exquisite and the contents intoxicating.

Now and Then

If you feel now that you missed too many “thens”, then refuse to miss any “nows”.

Rich Kids

From the lap of luxury rich kids aren't born,
For a lap of a mother is where riches are formed.

New Year's Magic

The magic of New Years Day is how past failures transform into new opportunities at a drop of a ball.


Life's impasses can lead to your greatest rewards, or most painful regrets. Wisdom is knowing whether to turn back, or forge onward when you face them.

Waves Goodbye

Every time a child waves goodbye,
They fan their wings to help them fly.

Seed's Belief

When the weight of the earth is thrust upon a seed, she doesn't feel abandoned, she grows and blossoms.

Burning Buildings

A building can't be raised higher by burning others down.


Whether a grin when you win,
Or a frown when you're down,
Nothing can replace how loud I am proud!

Milk Cows

A cow that isn't milked daily eventually dries up.


One need not have an eye for art,
To transform the mind, or touch the heart.

Difficult Debate

The only thing more difficult than convincing people to use common sense is when you don't, and then have to explain why you knowingly followed nonsense.

Volume of Debate

People often choose nonsense over common sense due to the volume of the debaters rather than the volume of the facts in the debate.


The difference between candor and meddling is the person offering the opinion.

Windows of Opportunity

Life is full of windows of opportunity; some that are wide open, and others that are open with dangerous remnants of shattered glass.


Even the hardest rock is softened by the most persistent waves.


The clearest reflection in the calmest waters, can be blurred from the ripple of the slightest alter.

Sample the Wine

Before the grapes dry on the vine,
Take the time to sample the wine.

Words to Live By

Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect:
All these things your life should reflect.

Sunrise Sunset

If a sunrise is an opening act, then the sunset is the curtain call.


From seeds to saplings, soon there's a forest.


To choose a career that's right for thee,
Start with the things you'd do for free,
And a life's ambition you just might see.


Risking nothing is often risking it all.


What some might see as "shouldn't be's", to others might be destiny.

Daily Good

Find a daily good and you'll find daily happiness.


Intoxicate on the spirits of laughter.

Sharp Lessons

The sharpest lessons in life are usually formed from the sharpest pains.

Serving God

Serve God with the unique gifts with which He has served you.

Sun Ray

If your heart is cold, let God be the ray of sun that warms your soul.


Freedom of choice is either a privilege, or a burden: it's your choice.

Happiness Way

True happiness is not some stop along the way; it is the way.

Mountain View

How many wonderful views do you miss along the way as you climb your mountain in search of the ultimate view?

Happy World

When a child is happy, so is your world.


A charitable life worth begetting
Is receiving without forgetting,
And giving without expecting,
As if God you are reflecting.


I'd rather be perceived ignorant by mortal atheists, than confirmed ignorant by an immortal God.

Children's Mirror

When a child makes mistakes we question their errors.
Could it be they're not listening, or is it us that they mirror?

Degree of Happiness

The degree for which you are grateful for your gifts versus jealous of your wants will dictate the degree of your happiness.



Inner Walls

You can climb tall mountains, and risk great falls,
But the greatest of climbs, is your internal wall.






If you think you're inferior, then all will agree.
And no one can defend you if that's what you see
Convince your mind to change your view
And the superior person will be found in you.


"Never" is the offspring of "later".

Rise Up

If I lose the fight, judge me not by the end,
For the real test is if I rise up again.


Procrastination is a fancy way to spell failure.

Move On

Having failed does not make you a failure, but failing to move on will.

Be Yourself

Place your mask up high on a shelf.
And discover the joy of being yourself.
Stop trying to change what others might see
For if you're not you, then who will be?


Throw out a boomerang of kindness, and then watch it come back to you.

Distant Goals

Distant goals can sometimes be an optical illusion as they are often closer than you think.

Dream Garden

Plant a seed of vision, throw a little failure on it, water it with hard work, add some positive sunshine, and watch your dream grow.


Failure is knowing your true calling, and knowingly not pursuing it.

Masked Future

The best of your future might be masked,
If you focus too much on the negative past.

Loser's Shame

The shame in losing is not in defeat,
Only if you fail to rise to your feet.

Forest of Integrity

Plant seeds of integrity wherever you roam,
For it's from these seeds that a forest is grown.

Glass Mirror

Losers stare at a mirror and ask "Why me?"
Winners see the same reflection as "Opportunity".

Fear of Living

Those who fear dieing are far better off than those who fear living.

Fast Lane

Instead of living your life in the slow lane, create your own highway and live in the fast lane.


To move into the world of "haves" from "have nots",
You need to change your attitude to "can" from "can not".


The two most contagious things in the world are hatred and laughter: one a disease, and the other a cure.

Dandelion Seed

A dandelion seed can float for miles until it finds its home, and once it takes root it evolves into a beautiful blanket of gold, but for now only the wind knows where it is heading.

Deep Roots

The trees that weather the fiercest storms,
Have the deepest roots and strongest cores.

Scandal of Grace

To forgive and forget is the ideal place.
To forgive and recall is the scandal of grace.

Window Reflection

Stare out a window and you can see the hypocrisy of the world, but as darkness falls, and illumination comes from within, it is your own reflection that eventually stares back.

Cold Heart

Your heart's the coldest thing I've never seen.


When mud is slinging the wise don't follow,
For only the swine choose to wallow.

Goodwill Art

Your heart is a pallet, your deeds its canvas.

Paint a Picture

Paint a picture and suddenly the world is an art critic.


Listen to what is said, not to what you want to hear.


Words mean nothing if they're not heard.

Proportional Share

Upon birth we're given one mouth and two ears,
A wise man's usage is a proportional share.

Toot Your Own Horn

If you toot your own horn, make sure the sound is muffled.


Friends retreat once you practice deceit.

Wagon Leader

Pulling a wagon uphill is easier than stopping one rolling down.


Formal procedures can't hide informal actions.

Foot in the Mouth

Grace is the spice that makes a foot in the mouth palatable.

Holy Ignorance

Better perceived ignorant by Atheists, than confirmed ignorant by God.

Build Yourself Up

You can't build yourself up by tearing others down.

Office Affair

An office affair is a spider's lair.

Steppin' on Toes

It's hard steppin' on toes without twisting your own ankle.

Man's Issues

A man can skirt most issues unless the issue is a skirt.

Writer's Harvest

Thoughts are infertile seeds until sown on parchment and watered with ink, bearing fruit for all.


A smile like a sunrise illuminates all, and is equally as warm.


Forgiving others can't change the past,
But its a main ingredient for a future that's vast.


"Knowing" the right answer isn't as difficult as "choosing" it.

Good Ol' Days

Live each day like a "good ol' day".


Altruists of criticism are rarely amiable benefactors of the same.


When spying a dragonfly dancing on air,
Your guardian angel is hovering near.

Time and Laughter

Time and laughter corrode the acerbic blade of deceipt.


An idea without motion is just a notion.

Abusive Marriage Cycle

Infiltrate, Suffocate, isolate, dominate, denograte, dessimate.


From shattered pieces, beautiful mosaics are formed.







I made a wish.  It didn't come true.

So in regards to wishes, I think I am through.

But then, alas, it occurred to me,

that perhaps a 'prayer' is the wish I need.


Inner Walls


I can climb tall mountains,

and risk great falls,

but the greatest of falls

are my own inner walls.





A loss is not eminent,

nor victory a lock,

as long as you know

there is time on the clock.




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