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Butterflies on the Wind

(see video link at the end of the poem)
From a sheltered cocoon
We long for the day
When our independence
Wisps us away
To face the challenges
Of an uncertain world
Anxious and fragile
With new wings unfurled.
We climb upon winds
Knowing not where they lead
As they dictate a path
We're hastened to heed
Pirouetting atop
Of their powerful crests
Dancing on air
with a butterfly's zest.
We often seek refuge
Among flowers or trees
Longing for shelter
In search of true peace
For sometimes the wind
Has a mind of it's own
And as dust clouds settle
We see we have grown
For the path we've "chosen"
Is really God's breeze
A struggling flight
Until we concede
That our destiny in life
Is really through Him
For until we do that
We're just
"Butterflies on the Wind".


CLICK HERE For video of "Butterflies On The Wind"

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Butterflies on the Wind

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