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Summer Days

Towering Oaks shade the street below

Two-wheeled acrobats playing in the road

Their laughter fading as they're off to play

Baseball mitts on handle bars, they ride away

Oh how I long for those days


A three-person chorus carries a rhythmic tune

of "Apple Jacks, Cracker Jacks, Spitting on the Moon"

Tapping beat, leaping feet, jump rope sways

Breaking the boredome of the summer haze

Oh how I long for those days


A circling tricycle with wagon in tow

A cargo of passengers stuffed in a row

The ringing of a bell helps clear the way

Until "Suppertime" is yelled, then no more play

Oh how I long for those days.


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
Two weeks



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