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In memory of Jim King

One More Day ©

(See the video at the end of the poem)

As the sun was setting
what would you say
If the rest of your life was just one day?
Would you wish for things in a material way,
Reach out to friends, or quietly pray?

Having it all seemed the only way,
but I'd give it all up for just one day.
That one last chance so I might see
The special gifts that made me "Me".

Like a toddler's hug, or my lover's hands,
The unmistakable sound of grade school bands.
My mother's perfume, my father's style,
Grandma's kitchen and grandpa's smile.

The gift of charity, the feel of pain,
The silence of dawn, the summer rain.
Family gatherings, or private tears.
A son's good humor, a daughter's soft hair.

A dog's wet nose, the miracle of a seed.
The compassion of others in moments of need.
The roar of laughter, the hush of a crowd.
An honest day's work, and feeling so proud.

Toasting fond memories, and learning to forget
The heartaches endured, and all the regrets.
Finding my passion, and one true love.
Finding forgiveness, and the Lord above.

So much I discovered as I traveled life's way.
What I wouldn't give for just one day.




CLICK HERE For Video of "One More Day" by Christy Hagenbaugh, photographs by Matt Platz


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