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Bathtub Piranha ©

Stealth amid the calm reflected pool he anxiously awaits.

His prey approaches sheathed in satin and musk.

Gingerly she tests the water with polished toes, as
Circular ripples announce her arrival.

Seemingly indifferent to the seething appetite that awaits her,
Her mischievous laughter accompanies her tottering submersion.

Pillowed amongst the clouds of suds she grins,
Neck feathered by auburn strands from a loosely braided bun.

Beads of condensation contour her face, as she
Wisps cumulous bubbles playfully from her hand.

Toying with her predator through the sultry steam,
Her eyes and smile transform to a ravenous hunger.

Roles are reversed; painted toes become her lance,
Not to defend, but to lure as if calling him into her snare.

His hunger turns to frolic, unabated bliss.

Water is displaced, as gentle waves transform into turbulent tides.

The Freshwater Piranha begins devouring his prey,
One succulent toe at a time.

- Richard Doyle -



Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock


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