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Dear Mother ©

Dear Mother,
How can I tell you
How much you mean to me,
When all these years I've hidden
The words so selfishly?
So as I sit and ponder
The words to honor you,
I find them not in verse,
But in following in your shoes.
For your time is not your own,
Yet never a word, or complaint.

You share in all my joys.
Comfort in times of rain.

Your joy is not a destiny
In some far distant place,
But rather a life-long journey.
Each day a smiling face.

Your commitment never waivers.
Your loyalty never contrived
Yet selfishly I hide away
My admiration deep inside.

But when I think of who I am
And the gifts that I've been given,
I see a mirrored image of
The life you've been living.
For when God sent down His only Son
To walk upon the Earth,
He did so through the gift of life,
And a loving Mother's birth.
He could have sent an army,
But an army often yields.
He wisely chose a Mother,
His greatest protective shield.

So for all the time I've wasted
In never expressing my love,
You're everything I long to be,
God's Angel from above.


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