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Autumn Breeze ©

A painted forest of Autumn colors,
Engulfed my senses like no other.
As if nature took me into her womb.
A succulent escape from life's mundane tomb.

Exploding colors reflected in my eyes,
Like a grand finale on the Fourth of July.
I took it all in with ooo's and with aah's,
With each gentle breeze and rustling applause.

The greens of summer where birds would fly,
Transformed to a painting framed by the sky.
Clearing my head was my ultimate goal,
Surrounded by beauty, refreshing my soul.

My senses were piqued as I longed for more.
Knowing full well we were at Winter's door.
The canopy of color would soon fade to brown,
But the memories of that day will forever live on.

- Richard Doyle -


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock



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