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Biking in the Boondocks ©

Dodging crickets, dodging frogs,
Protect your legs from nipping dogs.
Startled horses, flattened snakes
Fresh black tar, and body aches.

Dodging puddles, dodging worms.
Dangerous gravel on corner turns.
Bugs in eyes, bugs on teeth,
Up hill climbs, potholes beneath.

Dodging joggers, dodging storms,
Roadside litter, buzzing swarms.
Red Winged Blackbirds, baby hares,
Rusty nails, and Wooly Bears.

Chains fall off, sweat in eyes,
Fatigue sets in, burning thighs.
Country bike rides I must say,
"Whose idea was this anyway?"

- Richard Doyle -


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 Weeks if frames in stock



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