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Hold On ©

When the days are long and you've reached your end,
And you're searching your valley for strength again,
When the hole you've dug has unscalable walls,
And it’s the last place on earth you wanted to fall,

Hold On.

When the cards you've been dealt can never be played,
And your stoic appearance is just a charade,
When faith has journeyed far from your soul,
And you have yet to discover your meaningful role,

Hold On.

When your biggest regret is the life that you've made,
And silence is the response to devotions you've prayed,
Where fairness, it seems, is forever concealed,
Have faith that an answer will soon be revealed, and

Hold On.

When it comes to the pain, you think you're alone,
But the chasm you're crossing, others have roamed.
Find faith in the recess of your weary soul,
Take comfort in knowing that God will console,


Hold On.

Simply Hold On. 


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 weeks if frames in stock



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